Terroir is the task we share with the Earth

Cru-design helps vineyards and farms find ecological solutions. We work with agriculturalists to develop systems that unite clean growing with green marketing.

Think of us as farm hands who graft sustainability onto the concept of your estate.



The Earth will Thank you and your Customers will too


Being sustainable is not enough, producers and trade have to be part of the solution

Consumers are concerned about the planet. They want to know what they’re buying. Supporting businesses who share their concerns about the Earth’s future is key. So what’s the difference between being durable and being a part of the solution? A clear marketing strategy, because let’s face it, if no one knows how green you are, you aren’t. That’s where Cru-Design comes in. We bridge the gap between your viable systems and branding ambitions.


Cru-design - agriculturalists consulting and green marketing

Farmers say you don’t know a farm until you smell the dirt. We feel the same way.

Once you initiate a project analysis by Cru-Design, we check out your dirt. Our sustainability audit begins with a farm walk and in-person tour of your facilities. We inspect your infrastructure and your production systems including water- waste- energy- and pest management, packaging, delivery and more. Next, we complete quantitative and qualitative surveys and interviews with you, your employees, contractors, and clients. Only then we can pull up our sleeves and dig into a full research assessment.

Just like planting in the fields, we believe implementation is an iterative process that continues to look at the data and examine the outcomes. Even with years of tested experience in durable sales strategies and climate-resistant production, we still know that your production is unique. We will create a tailor-made action plan specifically designed for your business that begins with easy wins and grows at a durable pace. Along the way, we maintain in-depth communication with you and other stakeholders for transparency, inclusivity, and support for you and your team.

When we’re done, your brand will smell as durable as your dirt.

take a sniff

About Cru-design

The only thing we like more than tasting wine is sharing our knowledge about it. For over a decade, We’ve be doing just that.

Cru-Design (formerly Viconsult) specializes in helping vineyards, farms and associations achieve their goals of being more durable and more profitable. We do this through meticulous planning and Deep Research aimed at piecing together operation solutions and marketing strategies for your business.

We also work with companies who are planning teambuilding activities such as wine tasting and professional development training. And we love to meet individuals interested in private wine courses, celebrations, wine club advice, Masterclasses and more.

Let’s talk, preferably while sipping a 2012 Amarone made by a stubborn yet sincere winemaker.

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Vicky Corbeels, founder Cru-Design

  • Post-Grad Energy & Climate, University of Antwerp
  • Key note Speaker at Wine Events Throughout Europe
  • Specializing in Wines from Greece, Bordeaux, German VDP, Belgium and Champagne, Climate & Gender, Women & Wine
  • Wine Lady of the Year 2015
  • Fluent: French, English, Dutch


is always out in the fields, learning from farmers and sharing our knowledge. Take a look at our latest news.

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