3 gold and 16 silver medals for Belgium at the Cool Climate and Rosé Wine Awards 2023

On 9 and 10 May 2023, the above wine competitions CCWA and IRC were organised in Poland for the fifth time, with Vicky Corbeels as judge for the second time. Not coincidentally, Belgian domains also sent in wines for the second time: 35 Belgian white, rosé, red and sparkling wines from 13 wine estates ventured their chance at a medal, amid 120 entries from eight countries for the CCWA and 150 entries from 17 countries for the IRC.

Belgian wines are given every opportunity and a suitable forum at these blind tasting competitions to have their specificity assessed by international professional tasters. Vicky’s master class on Belgian wines for the judges and for the Polish organisation brought our “curious, unknown” wine country a little closer. Interest in our climate, soil structure, grape varieties  ensued to interesting discussions and, as the icing on the cake, our wines with a wide range of grape varieties also deservedly performed well at both competitions.

The palmares:


-Wijndomein Hoenshof rosé 2022 (+Best Value)


-Wijnkasteel Vandeurzen Pure White Gruner Veltliner Prestige 2022

-Entre-Deux-Monts Rosé Anaïs 2022

Silver ROSE

-Jerom’s Cabaret Noir & Souvignier Gris 2022


-Entre-Deux-Monts Wiscoutre Blanc de Blancs NA

-Beau Marais Wijndomein Le Canard de Beau Marais 2021

-Wijndomein Ravenstein Rosé Brut 2020

-Wijndomein Thilesna Pinot Auxerrois 2021

-Entre-Deux-Monts Chardonnay 2021

-Entre-Deux-Monts Wiscoutre Rosé NV

-Wijndomein Thilesna Riesling 2020

-Wijndomein Vigna Emile 2020

-Wijndomein Vigna Felipe 2020

-Wijndomein Thilesna Pinot Gris 2021

-Wijndomein Vigna Margaux Pinot Gris 2019

-Wine Estate Sassenbroek Claire Martin Blanc de Noirs réserve NV

-Wijndomein Ravenstein Chardonnay Barrique 2021

-Wijnkasteel Vandeurzen Pure White Albariño 2022

-Wijndomein Vigna Benjamin Cabernet Dorsa Barrique 2020



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