Belgian wines in the wide wide world

So yes, 1 golden and 7 silver medals won at their first participation to the CCWA. Some new, economically sustainable wineries add pride, courage and knowledge to the description of Belgian wines. Rightfully so. Cool climate wines are here to stay and Belgium is in the middle of all possible definitions. The experience with vitis vinifera and PIWI/resistant grapes, the variety in soils and vineyard locations, the administrative clumsiness surrounding this economically non-viable sector are unique. The experiments started 60 years ago and paved the way for purposeful scientific research: that of a preparation of a climate resilience plan up to 2030 and 2050, based on measurements, long-term strategy and empowerment. A climate plan, to which some wineries have joined hands with Cru-design under #PioneerBelgianClimateWines . So yes.

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